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Hippiebots come from a high frequency dimension that represents LOVE, JOY, HAPPINESS and UNLIMITED POTENTIAL. They teleported to our reality to stimulate the Human Kind to follow their highest excitement. The Hippiebots claim that to follow your highest excitement in each moment is the path of least resistance and is the direct physical manifestation and expression of creation itself. Every Hippiebot is unique and is there to remind us of our passion. They communicate on a telephatic level with you and will guide you and assist you in the realm of your own I-magi-Nation. They belong to a nation where magic and miracles are the standard for living and where it is normal to manifest dreams and desires on a continues basis. It is important to know that each Hippiebot has to be named by the person wearing and owning it, with preferably a name that represents your highest excitement in life, with that intention you charge your Hippiebot. The Hippiebots contain real crystals and gemstones that make them so vibrantly colorful and attractive, among many other materials they may hold. You will know which Hippiebot came here for you. He/she will choose you.


Enjoy the adventures!


Spread love,


Eva & Pepe

Creators & founders of


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